China lawyers

China lawyers

CPC China lawyers are very professional & responsible.

You can trust CPC China lawyers with all the expertise and attention to detail you will need to resolve your legal problems!

CPC China lawyers concentrates on Chinese foreign-related business law practice and maritime litigation and arbitration, specializing in the following areas: Foreign Business Litigation and Arbitration, Maritime and Admiralty Litigation, Marine Insurance Claims, Foreign Trade Consultation and Foreign Investment throughout China.

CPC China Lawyers

Legal Advise -- Annual retainer, yearly legal advisor, as necessary assists and the safeguard enterprise benefit

Legal Services -- Contract works out & testimony, legal affair consultation & Opinion

Civilian Litigation -- Marriage, real estate, economic dispute participate in the mediation, arbitration or the lawsuit

Criminal Litigation -- Participation criminal activity defense

Intellectual Property Rights Lawsuit -- Trademark & Patent right infringement document, to work out a plan & contract for prevents company business information

Acquisition, Merge Enterprise or Company Reorganizes , Extension System or Liquidate -- Make use of resources most effectiveness

Real Estate & Architectural Engineering Law Service -- Land transfer , Project tender, Qualification examination, Project contract consideration

Customs Rescue -- Customs detain relieve, Coordination & act as a defense counsel in court

CPC China contact lawyer list

(Dongguan) Mr. Zhang 86-13712458861

(Zhuhai) Mr. Tan 86-13600363938

(Guangzhou) Mr. Ye 86-13535596068

(Shanghai) Ms. Shi 86-13391396413

(Zhejiang) Mr. Lin 86-13750904110

(Beijing) Mr. Guo 86-13381095662